Book! This Is One Way to Dance: Essays

IMG_1574It’s taken many years, but my first book will be published in June 2020! I’m thrilled that This Is One Way to Dance has landed on a Most Anticipated Memoirs list of 2020. You can pre-order now at your local bookstore or Indiebound and that really helps authors—it lets publishers and bookstores and libraries know that there’s an interest in the book, which independent and university press books need. With that kind of encouragement, publishers have been known to increase the initial print run, as well.

The best thing is to pre-order at your local bookstore (call or online or in person), next best is Indiebound (link above) and another excellent option for holiday shopping is the University of Georgia Press website, which is having a Holiday Sale: 50% off all titles until December 22. (Use promo code 08HLDY). There’s also Amazon (not the optimal choice, but I know people find it convenient and I’ve bought books there, too).

Here’s the gorgeous cover image, designed by Erin Kirk New of The University of Georgia Press, with a beautiful blurb from Mira Jacob, author of the lauded graphic memoir, Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversations.


It’s Thanksgiving, a difficult time in our family, but I’m grateful for family being here, thinking of family we’ve lost, and grateful that these essays I’ve been writing and revising over twenty years will finally be in a book. I hope you’ll consider buying a copy for yourself, for a gift, or both. I hope you have some moments of joy and peace and movement (even dancing!) and rest this weekend.

5 thoughts on “Book! This Is One Way to Dance: Essays

    • Thank you so much, Holly! It’s been such a process and journey and I’m grateful to have had your wise eye with me, through the last decade and especially the last few years on the book. Love, Sejal

  1. This is so exciting.
    I’m ordering mine from Literati, considered the best independent book shop in the country.
    Can’t wait.


    • thank you so much, Jennifer! I have not yet been to Literati but would love to make it part of my book tour (to read at or even just to see it!). One of my best friends from college lives in Ann Arbor…the last time I was in town was February 2013 and I think it wasn’t around then? Sending hugs to you and Steve and the whole family.

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